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Custom designed audiovisual and live streaming systems that perfectly fits your church and your budget.

Video, Audio & Live Streaming Systems Custom Designed For Your Church

We specialize in designing advanced audio, video presentation and live streaming systems for small to medium sized churches and auditoriums. 

Every project is unique and there is no one size fits all solution.

That’s why we design audiovisual and live streaming systems that are custom made to fit your budget and that your team can easily learn how to use.

We specialize in designing audio visual systems custom made for traditional or contemporary churches

Old Church, New Technology

Most traditional churches are historical and were designed with classical architecture. We understand that many members want to preserve the historical look of your church.

We design and install audio visual technology to blend as much as possible into the original architecture of your building.

State-of-the-Art Makeovers

Whether you have a non-denominational church, or want to modernize an outdated style, we design and install full-on contemporary audio visual systems. 

Make your church services just as engaging and exciting to watch online as they are in person with hybrid video presentation displays, lighting, and live streaming systems.

How It Works

church av video system design

Step 1


During the consultation we measure the dimensions and determine the layout of the rooms in your building.

Then, we design a schematic with all of the upgraded equipment and connections.


Step 2


You get a list of all of the equipment and software you will need along with the total cost of the project.

Then, we order the materials and get started on the installation.


Step 3


Once the installation is finished, the project isn’t completed.

We train you on how to turn on/off and how to operate your new system so you can use it to its maximum potential!

Live Streaming Systems

Need to improve your live or recorded services?

Get a custom live streaming system that is the perfect fit for your needs to broadcast your services and events.

In order to get the best quality video and sound, it starts with having the right equipment and software.

A church live streaming system typically includes:


Cameras: Capture the video feed of the church service.
Microphones: Capture clear audio for better understanding.
Tripods or Mounts: Hold cameras steady for a stable image.
Video Switcher: Helps switch between different cameras or sources.
Encoder: Converts the video feed into a digital format for online streaming.
Computer: Manages the streaming process and connects to the internet.
Internet Connection: Ensures a reliable and fast upload speed for streaming.


Streaming Platform: Services like YouTube, Facebook Live, or dedicated church streaming platforms.
Encoder Software: Transforms the video feed into a format suitable for online streaming.
Video Editing Software: Optional for post-production editing before or after streaming.

Upgrading to higher quality equipment and software allows your church to share your services online without distractions.

Before After
Before After

See the difference that a high quality live streaming system gives you!

Having the right equipment makes a huge difference in the quality of the video that you’re able to broadcast to your audience.

Upgrading your media will give you:

  • Higher color contrasts
  • Sharper images
  • Higher definition (even when zoomed in)

Look at the transformation in image quality upgraded cameras and equipment can give you!

Video & Projection Systems

Show large scale videos, images, presentations or live camera shots on TVs, projector screens or on the walls.

Send the service video and audio to overflow rooms, nursery’s, classrooms, the pastor’s office or wherever else you need it in your building.

Get TVs up to 86″ installed and mounted. 

If you need larger displays we install projectors and screens up to 300″ diagonally.

For even larger screens you will need an LED wall that can be built to almost any size you need. 

LED walls can be made of either high quality LED panels, or the more budget friendly option of TV screens in a grid.

Music & Audio Systems

Does something sound off about your audio?

Chances are you don’t have the proper setup, which you need in order to get the best sound in your space.

We design and install custom audio systems uniquely made to fit your needs.

A great audio system is made up of:

  • An audio mixer board,
  • Handheld and boom microphones for singers and choirs,
  • Shotgun microphones for the audience,
  • Instrument microphones and direct connections for music,
  • A lapel or fixed microphone for the pastor/guest speakers.

With the right setup, you can get the perfect audio system to capture the best sound from your musicians, singers and speakers for broadcasts and recordings.

Hear the difference that a high quality audio system can give you!

Having the right audio equipment makes a huge difference in the sound quality of the video that you’re able to broadcast to your audience.

Listen to the difference before and after given these churches the proper audio setup.

Before New Audio System (Ex. #1)

Before we installed a brand new audio system for this church, they had problems where the microphones were much louder than the music. Also, everything sounded very thin and small.

After New Audio System (Ex. #1)

We installed a complete upgraded audio system. We connected all of the instruments to the sound board, which allowed us to balance the singers with the musicians for much better sound.

Before New Audio System (Ex. #2)

Before the installation, this live stream audio had major problems. The audio is too loud and distorted which makes it hard to listen to.

After New Audio System (Ex. #2)

After the new system was installed, you can hear how much clearer the pastor sounds along with the music in the background!

Frequently Asked Questions

A live streaming system is made up of video and audio equipment and computer software connected together. 

This includes cameras, video switchers, video cables, monitors and displays, audio mixer boards, microphone cables etc.

Together, all of these different components help you produce high quality videos and music recordings.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

In order to even begin to improve your live stream, first you need the right setup. It all starts with a great camera. You can’t get high quality video with a low quality camera.

Since live streaming is over the internet, you’ll need fast internet service. Even the most expensive cameras won’t help you if the internet in your building is slow.

However, if you do have slow internet, as an alternative you can prerecord your services and then replay the video later.

Last, but not least, you need great audio. Most people can deal with low quality video much longer than they can deal with bad audio.

To get great audio, connect all of your microphones and instruments into your audio mixer board, and then use the audio directly from your mixer as your live stream audio.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

This is the million dollar question…But it’s much more affordable than that!

It really depends on the level of quality you want for your broadcasts. Generally speaking the higher the quality and the more fancy you want to get, the higher the costs because you’ll need more expensive equipment and more computer power.

A simple one camera live streaming system that has good quality can start between $1,000 – $2,000.

Or you need a complete video and audio installation with live streaming, a presentation system and sound, that can run you anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 or more.

Good quality broadcasting cameras are around $600 and up. Higher priced cameras usually give you a better image and more features and connections.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

A presentation system is way to send video and audio to other TVs, projectors, LED walls, and displays in different locations.

To do this, you would need a combination of hardware devices and computer software to mirror content and to choose what to show on each display.

You can show your live video feed, overlays, lyrics, scriptures, announcement videos, graphics or any other digital content.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

It depends on the exact problems you’re having.

Is your live streaming buffering a lot?

This could be from one of two reasons:

  1. Your internet connection is slow or there’s a traffic jam on your network.
    – Check your internet speed by going to a website like Ignore the ‘download’ and look at the number next to ‘upload’. If this number is less than ‘3’ it means your internet is a little slow and you’ll need to lower the video bitrate quality to end the buffering.
  2. Or, if your internet is fine, it could be your computer is underpowered.
    – Check the system requirements for the live streaming software you’re using to see if your computer can handle your stream smoothly.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

You can broadcast your live stream and recorded videos to a lot of different places like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and even your own website.

Sending your video to one is simple, but sending to more than one is a little more involved.

You would need to use software like Open Broadcaster Software or vMix to get your stream to multiple destinations.

Or, an option for less technical people is to use an online service like Restream or Castr. With this option, you send one stream to their online service, and they will send your stream to any of the channels that you choose.

If you need help deciding what you need, send a message or call (803) 806-7911 for more information.

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