TV Mounting Installation Service

Get your TV of any size mounted on your wall, ceiling or a TV stand. Mount your TV inside your home in your living room, media room, game room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room inside. Also, mount your TV outdoors in your garage, under a covered porch, patio or wherever you gather.


TV Installation Pricing

View the packages to see what’s included in your TV mounting installation service

TV Mounting & Installation

TV Installation

Install new TV(s) or move old TV(s) to new location

TV Remounting

Raise / lower TV, or straighten TV in the same location


Buy a Mount

Need a mount? Choose a TV mounting bracket from the options below.

TV Mounts
Standard Mounts
TV Mounts (For TVs 83" & up)
Standard Mounts
Soundbar Mounts

Hide the Cables

All TV Installation services includes 2 white ~18" cable cover strips.

On Top of Wall
Behind Wall

Bulk TV Installation Discount!

Save money by installing all your TVs in the same visit

Receive a 20% discount off the price of each additional TV installed after your 1st TV during the same visit!

Service Discounts

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**A maximum of two discounts can be used per service, even if you qualify for all available discounts.

Seniors Discount

(65 years & up)

15% OFF

Military Discount

(Active or Veteran)

10% OFF

Disabled Discount


15% OFF

Types of TV Mounts

View the different variations of TV mounts you have to choose from


Fixed/Tilting TV Mount

Allows vertical angle adjustment for reduced glare or raised viewing. Suitable for bedrooms or above eye-level mounting.


Swivel TV Mount

Provides horizontal swivel for adjusting the viewing angle. Ideal for larger rooms or open layouts, allowing easy TV positioning.


Full Motion TV Mount

Offers maximum flexibility with swivel, tilt, and extension. Perfect for corner installations, multi-room viewing, or optimizing viewing angles.


Long Arm Extension Full Motion TV Mount

Features an extended arm for greater reach and flexibility. Perfect for installations where the TV needs to be pulled away from the wall or positioned at various angles.


Pull Down TV Mount

Allows the TV to be easily lowered for comfortable viewing and raised for a sleek appearance. Ideal for above-fireplace installations or high wall placements.


Soundbar Mount

Designed to attach a soundbar to the TV mount. Streamlines the setup, ensuring a cohesive and organized appearance in your entertainment area.

Types of TV Mounting Surfaces

View the list of compatible TV wall mounting surfaces we install on.
**If you don’t see the type of wall material you want your TV mounted on, contact us to create a special request order.


Drywall (Wood, Steel, Metal Studs)

TVs can be securely mounted using anchors or specialized drywall mounts attached to wood, steel, or metal studs for stability.


Wood Paneling (Wood Studs)

Wood paneling provides a solid base for TV mounting by directly attaching mounts to the underlying wood studs.


Brick / Concrete

Specialized anchors or masonry screws are used to secure mounts directly into brick or concrete for a stable TV installation.



Depending on the type of stone, TV mounts can be affixed using anchors or brackets designed for stone surfaces.



For plaster walls, mounts can be attached to the underlying wood or metal lath using appropriate anchors or screws.

Types of TV and A/V Cable Management

View the options for neatly hiding all your A/V and power cables safely either on the wall or in the wall.


On-Wall Cable Cover Strips

Adhesive or screw-on strips used to conceal and protect cables running along the surface of walls. They create a neat and organized look for your wires.


PowerBridge Single Outlet

A single outlet kit designed to route and hide power cables behind the wall, safely and cleanly. It's typically used for concealing power cords from wall-mounted TVs.


PowerBridge Dual Outlet

Similar to the single outlet kit, this one features two outlets for managing multiple power cords. It's ideal for more extensive home theater setups or dual TV installations.


AV Wall Plates

AV wall plates are coverings for running low voltage av cables in-wall, such as HDMI, Optical, RCA, VGA, or speaker cables. They provide a polished and unobtrusive finish for your cable and wire connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for TV installation?

Our standard service is mounting any size TV on an approved surface. We can remount a TV or bracket you already have and reinstall it in another location.

If you have a soundbar, we can mount it on the wall near the TV or attach it to the TV using a special soundbar mount.
We’ll also help you setup your smart TV and connect to it to your home internet.

Do you provide TV wall mounting services for all TV sizes and types?

We mount TVs up to 80 inches or larger so that covers just about any size TV on the market including but not limited to LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, Plasma, frame TVs and more!
In order to mount your TV, it must have VESA mounting holes which are the 4 mounting holes on the back of the TV.

Do you provide the necessary mounting hardware and cables?

We provide TV mounting brackets for all sizes of TVs, soundbar mounting brackets, and all the necessary hardware. You can add AV cables (HDMI, RCA, Optical, VGA etc.) or cable management to your service if needed.

How do you handle TVs in homes with unique wall materials, like stone or concrete?

We install TVs on many different wall surfaces. See the different types of TV installation wall surfaces here.

Do you offer sound system setup with TV installation?

For our TV Installation service, we will mount your TV along with a soundbar attached to the TV mounting bracket or mounted somewhere near the TV. We do not offer sound system or speaker setup with our TV Installation services. If you need to mount and connect other speakers and/or a subwoofer, check out our Home Theater Installation service.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts! Click here to see all available discounts.

Are your technicians licensed and insured?

BroadTasking is a fully insured with General Liability Insurance for your peace of mind. We provide proof of insurance upon request.

Can you install a TV in multiple rooms within the same service visit?

Yes, we can install as many TVs as you need in any room inside your home or outdoors. We even offer a discount to install multiple TVs in the same visit! See our TV installation pricing to learn more.

Can you hide wires and cables for a clean look?

Yes! We offer cable management services to hide those unsightly cables with options like on-wall cable cover strips, in-wall PowerBridge outlets, in-wall low voltage wall plates and more. See all of our cable management options here.

Is it possible to install a TV over a fireplace?

Yes your TV can be mounted above a fireplace with a few considerations:

  1. The area above your fireplace should have enough space to fit the size TV you want to install.
  2. The surface above your fireplace must be one of our approved surfaces in order to mount the TV.
  3. Do you have a power source above your fireplace? If not you can choose one of our cable management options.
  4. If you use your fireplace and do not have a mantle or something to block some of the heat rising from the fireplace, over time the heat can potentially melt the plastics and damage the TV.

Can you install outdoor TVs or TVs in challenging environments?

Yes, we install outdoor TVs and outdoor home theater systems! We install weatherproof speakers and equipment specially made for use in harsh environments.

If you need to install a TV that is not outdoor rated, we recommend installing it in an outdoor TV cover or installing it under a covered area like a patio, porch, or awning.